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IS-F engine + TCM Wiring Diagram and ECU Pinouts

in all its Glory! in PDF formatt mind you,

IS-F ECM Pinout

IS-F Wiring Diagram

IS-F Wiring B (plugs)


VVT-IE – some new info on its operation

Trying to get info on the VVT-IE system has been a struggle. This is the latest info that I have been able to find.



1. System structure

Engine control system
VVT-iE system diagram camshaft control motor assembly

Angle sensor

Engine ECU (ECM)

EDU motor

Crankshaft position sensor

Camshaft position sensor

VVT sensor

VVT-IE system overview


2. Command control

VVT-iE EDU control the motor, and feedback the state of the motor to the engine ECU (ECM)
Camshaft control motor

Motor speed and direction of rotation command signal

Angle sensor
EMR1 motor actual speed of the VTS

Engine ECU (ECM)

EMF1 actual motor direction of rotation of VTD

Motor (12V)


Fault information



3. EDM1 – VTM is the diagnostics line between EDU and ECU. Uses a PWM control to relate to ECU and problems.

VVT-iE from the ECU error conditions the duty cycle

Camshaft control motor

VTP and EDT1 open to 100% the Speed ​​Motor and the Rotation 80% normal EDT1 of the Direction the Command the Signal the VTP EDU overheating, 60% motor voltage failure

Engine ECU (ECM)


Angle sensor fault Actual, Motor Speed

40% of VTS 20% of VTD

Rotation, the Angle Sensor EDU Motor (12V)

Motor overcurrent protection mode Actual Motor Rotation EMF1 Direction EMD1 5V


Fault information

VVT-IE diagnostics line


So now at last, we are getting a better understanding of the components