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Well with so many various options available for in car PC equipment, we have decided to go down the route of an open source environment with a bit of hacking of a well known system. The system with be accessed via a passive 7 inch capacitative touch-screen and bmw I-drive like main controller. OS will be a flash based affair to speed up start up times. At the moment im an testing various Window and Linux builds to see which have the fastest boot Times. main unit itself takes up a very small footprint of only 180 x 130 x 115mm. Usually applications such as media centre, bluetooth, DAB radio will be run, with sat nav send custom data via serial to the drivers TFT cluster to indicate direction.

Specs are :-

Based on Intel’s Poulsbo/US15W mobile chipset.

CPU: 1.3GHz Intel Z520 Single-Core, Hyper-threaded, Atom CPU

Chipset: Intel US15W (400/533MHz FSB)

Graphics: Intel GMA500 (with hardware acceleration for H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1, WMV9)

Network Features:


Power: 5v DC

Screen: 7in Sharp LQ070Y3LG4A 800×480 LCD, 16m colour (24-bit), LED backlit, capacitative touch-screen

Size: 180 x 130 x 115mm

Weight: Approx 650g

Power Usage

1.24A/6.2W during startup

1.09A/5.4W with the clock on screen set at lowest brightness

1.40A/7.0W with the clock on screen set at Highest brightness

0.14A/0.7W in STANDBY set by performing a SYSRQ+O



So what is it?

The device in question in known as a Joggler. It was built by 02 as a sort of media player/message centre and infotainment unit for the home. Now for the best part, although pretty useless in thier current formatt the have A LOT of potential, especially in the CAR PC World. We purchased ours new for £49.99..yes you read that right!

But some very clever people seen the potential behind the unit. The first thing to do was to find away of bypassing the 02 firmware/software and running our own operating system. More info at http://jogglerwiki.info/

So, how do we go about creating our own system?

Well its actually easy enough. We use a Custom boot loader and an Operating system of our choice. For test purposes we used XP tablet edition. information of bootloader uiling can be found here http://jogglerwiki.info/index.php?title=Efi

Currently we have our Joggler booting and running XP from a 32gb Sandisk USB 2.0 Flash pen in around 1 minute, and running various car PC front ends with ease. The next step now will be to run with a fast USB harddrive to increase boot time.

For details on building the XP image can be found here :-



Now, we used XP as a test image to get to grips with bootloaders and OS images. But, our ultimate goal will be to run the MEEGO platform on the Joggler. MEEGO is slowly becoming an industry standard, with Companies like FORD taking it on for thier in car systems….So why shoulodnt we!                     https://meego.com/about/

Heres a few images of our joggler running XP and riderunner/shotgun front ends.


Thats all for now…more to come on GPS, SATNAV, DAB, and gesture control…..