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Supra 2urgse TFT cluster update

Well TFT Display is almost complete and was test fitted to the car today. We have several data layout screens for Aux and AA80E information. The next part is interfacing data stream to our custom controller ECU which has be STIMulated so far.

We have a few other features now incorporated in the TFT and Control system.

1. G – METER is now functional using precision x,y Acell board

2. Full suspension control – Using our own designed 4 axis stepper contoller and high precision motors with rotary encoders we can now control damper settings on most adjustable coilovers with modifications to adjustment dial hardware and motor mounting. Data can also be used from ecu such as driving mode to determine preset values for damper rating. We will have a full post on this when we have choosen which suspension to run with.

3. Rear Camera – Using power interupt and AV decoder board we now have a functional rear night vision camera display on the TFT when enabled. This basically is initiated when reverse is selected causing AV signal from rear mounted camera to be fed to a seperate encorder board and bused to the TFT controller board. Nothing new but may aswell have it seeing we can ;)


The interesting stuff will start to happen after the transmission test bench has been built..


Marty – SSi