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New clothes – dressup time

well something a little boring, test fit of the Ridox kit from knightracer

fitting well…

ridox bodykit

D4-S fueling system and a 11.8:1 compression

What we want to tame :-


The 2UR-GSE engine has Lexus D-4S stoichiometri c, four-stroke, direct-injection technology, which combines the strengths of high-pressure direct petrol injection and low-pressure port injection.

The system mixes and matches fuel delivery from the two sets of injectors to provide the ideal fuel/air mixture for all engine load conditions.

It helps optimise performance and fuel economy, and minimise emissions.

D-4 direct injection, as used in Lexus GS 300 and IS 250 engines, boosts torque across the engine revolution range.

The D-4S system used in GS 450h, GS 460, LS 460, LS 600hL and IS F further boosts torque across the range.

The two injection systems have their own fuel supply systems.

When the engine is running under medium-to-high load at lower engine revolutions, both systems are used.

This creates a homogeneous air/fuel mixture to stabilise combustion, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

In high-load situations the engine uses the direct injection system only, taking advantage of the cooling effect of injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber and hence improving the efficiency of each charge.

The precise injection control also allows for a high compression ratio by reducing the chance of pre-ignition or detonation.

The IS F D-4S dual injection engine has a compression ratio of 11.8:1, compared with 11.5:1 in the direct-injection GS 300, for better performance.

When the engine is cold, the injection system uses both sets of injectors to ensure quick warm-up of the catalyst and hence optimum purification of exhaust emissions.

Lexus has reduced the size of the port injector body, to provide optimum cross-sectional area for the inlet port.


Direct injection hardware:

The direct injection equipment in IS F’s new engine includes compact, high-pressure double slit-nozzle injectors to maximise fuel atomisation.

The injector atomises fuel into a fine mist and expands it to form a large, fan-shaped pattern in the combustion chamber.

This occurs as the down stroke of the piston draws in a large volume of air. The cooling effect of the fuel increases the intake air volume and improves charging efficiency.

Importantly, the intake air forms a vertical swirl current (tumble current) to promote improved air/fuel mixing and hence improve performance and emissions.

The injector has a special coating on its nozzle to resist deposits.

The area where the injector body meets the cylinder head has an insulator, and the injector shaft has two Teflon-coated seals – to resist cylinder pressure, improve sealing performance and reduce vibration.



Yamaha – behind all the great head designs

Below is the technical document produced regading the 2urgse head. There are many advances in the design of this head. Some of these include oil scavenging pump for heads, direct cylinder and port injection, dual VVT-I and dual VVT-IE, tuned equal length runners in plenum, hollow mirror polished cams and valve train, Titanium valves and more..







Intake Plenum

click here to open the PDF

yamaha tec doc

Auto to manual….


Well in Prep for a manual Conversion the first step is to find a suitable bell Housing, and the one below may be the answer. The IS-F 8 speed is a one piece design case so looking at other similar ‘ur series’ engined vehicles the TOYOTA SEQUOIA 4600CC 32-VALVE DOHC EFI, AUTOMATIC 6-SPEED SR-5 Model seems to be a good candidate.

Part no. 351110C030





the star of the party arrives…5 Litres of Jap muscle

well after myself and Colin endured a 500mile trip involving boats, tempermental Vans, and a Sat Nav suffering fom extreme Dyslexia we finally have in all its glory the main attraction. 2009 Lexus IS-F 5.0L V8 2ur-gse arrives at SSI  !!!!!


now thats me being Smug ;)


The donor Car – 1998 Supra MKIV Jspec n/a

So the lucky car in question is a 1998 mkiv supra, a Jap spec non turbo manual. The car has already been raped of its v161 transmission as most do for a 2jzgte manual conversion. The body is flawless but has been subject to being dressed in a silly frock. So the first steps where to remove the dress, n/a 2jzge engine, and interior. As you can see the car was raped of a few other items in its life including  the Faelift rear lights.

So out came the very low mileage N/A 2jz-ge power plant which will return back to life as a Forged bottom end and an ideal replacement for a 2JZ-GTE block. waste not want not as my folks used to say.

Which in turn leaves room for the new engine..



Modern Technology meets an all time Classic

Yes, the worlds first 2UR-GSE supra is coming this way…stay tuned for the build….