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IS-F Torsen LSD Fittment and JZA80 Differences

Today we got the rear end ready for installation. Keypoints :-


1. Differental casings are both physically the same, IS-F LSD bolts straight up to the Stock supra rear subframe. Supra inner joints do not fit the IS-F rear differential.

2. lexus Half shafts are correct length and also straight fit for the jza80 rear hubs.

3. IS-F Half shafts will need to be modified on outter joints to have ZA80 ABS rings fitted (1mm from outter flange circumference to be removed) as on the IS-F the abs pickups are built into rear hub bearing. Supra outter joints do not fit the IS-F half shafts due to a different spline pattern.

4. Stock Supra Rear Prop and centre bearing will be used, with the IS-F front prop (2 ins longer than Auto Prop, though AA80E is 2.1ins Shorter than A340E)