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  1. Zach says:

    Looking for some guidance, I’m a fan of your 2UR supra setup, but what really caught my eye was the canbus display – I currently have my supra running on a proEFI which supports true canbus out, they have a custom display that I have flushed into my dash and while it looks nice I can think about 100 ways it’d look better, one thing I’d like to try and do find a way to take the canbus and rather than a separate display, I’d like to run video out to my headunit – I’m a hobbiest programmer so can probably get it to work if i can get some direction for hardware options…

    Another option would to get a nicer canbus display option – the display that proEFI sells is clunky and rather unattractive (but to be fair, it’s clear, has a fast refresh, and is built for machinery and environmentals far greater than would ever be seen in my supra)

    Thanks for your time and any direction you can give me.


    • bondango says:

      Zach, you need to do some research into embedded systems, the likes of MBED or similar and lots of practise and learning. You need to look at how you can retrieve the CAN data, then how you want it displayed. Audrino is another platform to consider, you can make easy projects to get know how hardware and software work, then progress on to manipulating data and displaying it graphically.
      As your already a hobbiest programmer it should be easy on that side, i gew up working in the early 90′s with cobal, pascal and basic. Most of the systems above use C++ as the language of choice. Get on to as many forums and look at the free samples etc etc and start of with easy hello world projects and just progress as you feel fit ;)


  2. Patrick Blaze says:

    Hi, mind letting me know where you got the 2UR-GSE from? been looking for one complete with the harness, gearbox and rear is-f axle. Thanks

    • bondango says:

      we found a complete brekaer, but did not get harness or ECU’s. You need the complete car harness and all modules in order to get the engine and trans to run

  3. Cj says:

    Love the work and progress on the car.

    My interest and questions are mainly surrounding the transmission control. Im looking for a good way to control the AA80E that will work in conjunction with a standalone. Do you have any plans to produce and sell the controller after it has been tested and refined?


  4. Carbon says:

    Just wanted to say this is fantastic work. Being an IS-F owner and a supporter of the tuning community, you are making a lot of progress where others have failed. Hopefully this will lead to the IS-F finally being opened up to proper tuning and turbo options also!

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