Transmission ECU – Temperature Circuit

Our next Circuit to build is the Trans fluid temp Circuit.

It is built as a voltage divider (resistance sensing) circuit as we are using Resistance as our input.

This circuit location is called GPI3 and is located near the center of the PCB

  1. Install and solder a resistor, ¼ Watt, 2.49K Ohms {red-yellow-white-brown-brown (on blue), 2.49KXBK-ND} in R23. Space it off the board by about ¼” (6mm). 
  2. Install and solder a 1.0K Ohm, 1/8 Watt resistor {brown-black-red, 1.0KEBK-ND} in R32
  3. Install and solder a 1.0µF, 50V capacitor {399-4389-ND} in C18. You may have to straighten the leads somewhat to get them to fit the holes in the board. Do not let C18 touch R23 once assembled, bend it out of the way as necessary.
  4. Install and solder a 0.001µF, 100V capacitor {399-4202-ND in C19. Do not let in touch R23.

And thats bascially it

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